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UA Local 719
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    2502 S Andrews Ave. Fort Lauderdale, FL

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UA Local 719


Contact Information for Member Benefits

Check on your Group #9047087 for Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 719 for medical, RX, Dental and vision claims go to

Call if your claim isn't listed on or you have a question about your UHC plans. See below for each plan contact number:

Phone: 844-651-3833

Phone: 800-445-9090

Phone: 800-638-3120

Our UHC on-site Representative: Alex Deleon, 954-364-0688 or email at
Add or remove a dependent, your enrollment or paycheck deductible for Benefits with the Trust is incorrect, COBRA enrollment questions or assistance with escalated claims issue that UHC wasn't able resolve:

National Employee Benefits Administrators
Phone: 800-842-5899
Email: 719enrollment(a)

Need additional assistance with finding a provider, claims resolutions, navigating or questions regarding your benefits, contact:

Benefits Advocate
Advocate: Juliet De La Hoz
Phone: 860-665-8470
Email: juliet.delahoz(a)

File a claim or check on your Short-term disability:

National Employee Benefits Administrators
Phone: 800-842-5899